February 2021

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Paragraph on Values of Games and Sports

Paragraph on Values of Games and Sports

Paragraph on Values of Games and Sports, Importance of Games and Sports

Values of Games and Sports

Games and sports play an integral part in the development of a proper life. For health and physical fitness playing games is very much essential. In the playground we forget our woes and worries. We escape the ills of life and enter a world of excitement and joy. But sports do not mean only a mere recreation. They build the body and mould the character. A sportsman is bold, frank and liberal. Sports help in attaining a spirit of sportsmanship. Sports imply competition and struggle. To win a competition one must have courage, determination and a will to win. Sports are a civilized outlet of man's fighting spirit. Sports plant in us leadership qualities. Some other important virtues like discipline, obedience, self-control and a sense of fair play are cultivated in the playground. Team sports helps to build a healthy team spirit. The players play together for the success of the team. Together they celebrate a victory or lament a loss. It is true, sometimes we can't win. But a true sportsman takes a defeat sportingly. He plays well in all games of life.

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Sunday, 14 February 2021

Paragraph on 'Science In Daily Life'

Paragraph on Science In Daily Life

Science has done wonders in the present day civilization. We enjoy the gifts of science in every step of our daily life. It has made human life easy and comfortable. In ancient days man had to depend solely on the mercy of nature and in the then society manpower was the only source for doing any labourios work. As time passed, man invented new appliances and applied new techniques to do things in every walk of life. Man has now entered the automatic era. We cannot manufacture today even a small needle without having the resources of science. It saves both labour and time. From morning till night we get the gifts of science. The alarm clock wakes us at any time we like. In the morning we do the teeth and wash with flowing out of the tap. Newspapers give us the news and views of the world. Fans and air-conditioners beat the heat of the summer and haters keep us warm in winter. We heat and light our houses with the help of electricity. It is the greatest gift of science. With it, we cool our rooms, run the trams, train and cars which carry us to the place of work. The lift takes us to the high rise offices and helps us to avoid the stairs. The barrier of distance is being broken by the internet or the telephone. In the evening the television, the music systems, the computer entertain us. If we are ill, we have medicine to get relief. Even when we are sleeping, the refrigerator, the air-conditioner etc. are working for us. The Computer, one of the greatest gifts of science, regulates every sphere of our life. The gifts of science have enveloped our life round the clock. Without these blessings today's life will be paralysed. Life will lose its colour.

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Paragraph on A Journey By Train

Paragraph on My Favourite Book

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Story Writing - A Farmer And His Lazy Sons or The Hidden Treasure

A Farmer And His Idle Sons / The Hidden Treasure

A farmer and his lazy sons story, the hidden treasure
A Framer and His Lazy Sons

A farmer had two sons. They were very lazy and would never do any work. The farmer did not know how to make them efficient. One day the farmer fell ill and felt that his death was knocking at the door. He thought and thought and on his death-bed he hit upon a plan. He called his sons and said to them, "My sons, I have laid a treasure in my land. Dig the field and you'll find it." The boys ran to the field at once. They worked hard and dug up all the land. But  they did not find the treasure. " Why should we leave the field all dug up?" said the sons among themselves, "We must sow some seeds here." So they did so. In due course golden corn came out. The boys were very happy. They now understood the real meaning of the hidden treasure their father spoke of.

Moral : Fruits of labour are sweet. / There is no short cut to success.

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A farmer and his lazy sons story

The Farmer And His Four Sons Story Writing

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

The Farmer And His Four Sons Story Writing

The Farmer and His Four Sons

Story The Farmer and His Four Sons, The Farmer and His Three Sons
The Farmer and His Four Sons

An old farmer had four sons. But he was not happy with them. They always quarrelled among themselves. He tried to bring them to their senses but failed.  One day the farmer fell ill and felt that his death was knocking at the door. At last he thought of a plan. 

He called all his sons and asked them to bring a bundle of sticks. When the bundle was brought, he asked each of his sons to break the bundle. They tried hard but failed. 

Then the farmer asked his sons to unite the bundle and break a stick each one by one. They could break the sticks easily. 

Then the farmer said to them, " You see, my sons, each of you broke one stick easily. But none of you could break the bundle of sticks. Why couldn't you do it?"

"Because", said the eldest son, "in the bundle the sticks were together."

"That's right", said the father, "You see the strength of unity now. If you remain together, nobody can break you. You must live together so that no one can harm you."

After this incident they lived together in peace and the farmer was happy. 

Moral : Unity is strength / United we stand divided we fall.

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Monday, 8 February 2021

Paragraph on My Favourite Book

My Favourite Book 

  George Orwell says that the supreme test of a good book is its 'survival'. Reading books of various kinds is my passion. When I find time, I read classics. They are the nursing of immortality. Of them, I have read the Mahabharata a lot of times, and everytime it leaves an abiding impression upon me.

  The Mahabharata was originally composed in Sanskrit by Vedvyas. It was composed in Bengali by Kashiram Das. It is an epic of great interest. This book has a very wide appeal. Its story is interesting and reflects the true picture of the then India.

  The story goes like this. Pandu and Dhritarashtra were two princes. Their capital was Hastinapur. Yudhistira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva were Pansy's sons. They were called the Pandavas. Dushasan and Duryodhana and their ninety eight brothers were Dhritarashtra's sons and were called the Ksuravas. The Pandavas were superior to the Kauravas in every respect. So, the Kauravas were jealous of the Pandavas. The Kauravas tried their best to kill the Pandavas, but they escaped.

  Then, Duryodhana made a plan. Yudhistira was invited to a game of dice. A trap was laid for the loser. The trap was that the loser would have to go on exile for twelve years and live in perfect secrecy for another year. If detected, he would have to live in exile for another twelve years. Yudhistira agreed, but he lost the game. He went into exile along with his wife and brothers. When the term of their exile expired, they returned and demanded five plots of land, but Duryodhana refused. The Pandavas were asked to get it by fighting.

  This lit the flame of war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Lord Krishna became the guide of the Pandavas. The battle was fought at Kurukshetra. It was also called the famous Mahabharata war. It was the battle between justice and injustice. It lasted for eighteen days. The Pandavas won the battle of Kurukshetra and established justice.

  The defeat of the vile plans is the moral of the epic. Lord Krishna's 'upadeshas' (advices) to Arjuna have been enshrined in the sacred book called the Bhagabat Gita and has become an integral part of India's spiritual culture.

  I get engrossed in this book every time I read it. This book teaches me how to subtly deal with the various aspects of life. Frequent reading of this book helps me understand life better. My disappointment disappears. Crassness of men is forgotten. This book reminds me what Alonso had once said, "Age recommends three things - old wood to burn, old friends to trust and old books to read."

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Monday, 1 February 2021

Paragraph on A Journey By Train

Paragraph on A Journey By Train

Paragraph on A Journey By Train, Visit to a historical place
A Journey By Train | Image : Pixabay

A journey by train gives me a pleasant thrill. It was the beginning of the last puja vacation. We were going to Puri. I was greatly excited. Life sometimes offers pleasant surprises. On one fine October evening we reached Howrah station to catch the Jagannath Express that started at the correct time. Breaking the silence of the night the giant engine roared along. In the train there were people from different parts of West Bengal. When the train was running, vendors came into the compartment one after another. From time to time I looked out the window beside my seat. The train ran over a long bridge and passed by fields, villages, towns and stations. Dim lights from distant huts looked like tiny fireflies. I had a good gossip with a gentleman. Then I had my dinner. The swing and sound of the moving train soon lulled me to sleep. Next morning I woke up and saw the beauties of the hills and hillocks of the place. I enjoyed the beautiful landscape outside. Here and there we saw some temples. At last the train reached the land of Lord Jagannath. My heart began to leap in joy. We took a taxi to the hotel where we had booked two rooms facing the sea. Our journey came to a pleasant end at Puri.

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